Friday, May 28, 2010

Bowl Expo 2010

Bowl Expo has increasingly become one of the hottest events on the amusement and location-based entertainment industries’ calendars. Game technology manufacturers and service providers have stepped up their presence before the bowling trade, which continues to retrofit existing centers with enhanced amusement components and develop new facilities that embrace traditional family entertainment attractions.

As a bowling center owner, manager or operator, what’s your amusement and attraction agenda at June’s Bowl Expo? What product are you in the market for and how could it fit into and underscore your overall concept? Will keynote speaker Sarah Palin be a striking enough draw to get you to the convention center before the show floor opens? Share your perspective on the politics of bowling and games for possible inclusion in the upcoming issue of RePlay.


Jason Kort said...

A good seminar your readers might want to check out is High Profit Game Rooms in the Bowling Center - A Comprehensive Look at How and Why.

This seminar outlines the key components to establishing a redemption management system for today’s bowling centers.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin? What?

Why polarize people like that? Aside from the left, she is an embarrassment to many Republicans as well.

Particularly people who feel strongly about not quitting.

joven said...

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