Monday, March 29, 2010

Operator Interface: FEC Forum

FECs are getting into the game in preparation for the anticipated summer season, bringing higher traffic and profits. How are you preparing your facility to draw families with out-of-school kids and especially the trend-setting teen market to your location? Whether it's new attraction packaging, marketing plan or social networking, how are you implementing new equipment, policies and ideas to put a hot spin on your brand and generate fresh excitement? Share your plan of attack for getting customers out of the house, through your doors, on your games and at points of sale.


Anonymous said...

The "Trend Setting Teen Market"?


The trend right now with this age group is to use your $10,000 drivers as a couch for their iphone viewing.

I've got a room full of expensive gizmos, located in a high-traffic outdoor-oriented mall, and NOTHING in it can compete with a teen on an iphone.

We tend to concentrate heavily on getting the families in the door, but not the teens.

Strong redemption games and prizes are the ticket right now. Our Stacker is doing gangbusters.

reet said...

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