Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Healthcare & Coin-Op

The healthcare debate has not only been hashed out for decades in Congress but in the offices of small businesses. The employer-based insurance system, straining beneath ever increasing healthcare costs and premiums on the one hand and a soft economy on the other, has led to owners tweaking, comparing and overhauling coverage, or making adjustments to support existing plans.

As a coin-op and amusement business owner, what are the biggest challenges and considerations you face in providing insurance to staff and families?

What are your thoughts on the Senate healthcare plan being wrestled into a final bill for voting on this month? Would the plan, currently set to cover millions of Americans over the next decade by requiring them to buy insurance -- potentially through a government-run program designed to theoretically keep costs in check, possibly unburden your health plan expenditure, or would you likely continue with your current plan?

Have you taken advantage of AMOA's member benefit healthcare option?

Your thoughts may be selected for inclusion in RePlay's focus on coin-op and healthcare.

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Norm said...

we have provided health insurance for our employees and families for the last 50 years. I was always afraid if I let my employee choose then he might not take it. The unfairness of health insurance for the small business is the underwriting. Large businesses have health histories to turn into the insurance company. That is why joining the AMOA health plan will not solve this problem.The insurance companies will not treat the association as one group. Norm